Tuesday is the first day of Ramadan

Salamon Alaykom Tuesday 7th of May will be the first day of holy month of Ramadan in Iran and in the UK.در ایران و انگلیس روز اول ماه مبارک رمضان سه شنبه هفتم ماه می می باشد  التماس دعا Manchester Islamic Centre5 Sidney Street(Off Oxford Road), Manchester, M1 7HBTel: 01612738100  (10 AM – 3 PM)mii_cs@yahoo.co.ukmancehsterislamiccentre@gmail.comYAHOO

Ramadan Programs-2019

Manchester Islamic Centre programmes for  The holy Month of Ramadan 1440 – 2019 1-Westart everyday on 7.00 pm by reciting a Quran JUZ’, Dua Efttetah, short speech,Jama-a prayer and Iftar; (Thursdays Dua Kumayl is read instead and 13th, 14th and 15th of Ramadan, Dua Mujir is recommended to beread)2. From 15 th dayof Ramadan till the end of the month we start at 7.30 pm. 3. Onnights of Ghadr we start at…